• October 26, 2014
    • 12:00 am - Week 17
    • 6:00 pm - FFA
  • October 27, 2014
    • 7:00 pm - Volleyball: Varsity Regionals
      @ Vinton-Shellsburg High School
  • October 28, 2014
    • 12:00 am - FFA
      @ Louisville, KY
    • 9:00 am - American Red Cross Blood Drive
      @ VS-HS Auxiliary Gym
    • 7:00 pm - Vocal
      @ Tilford Elementary School
  • October 29, 2014
    • 12:00 am - FFA
      @ Louisville, KY
    • 7:00 pm - Football: Varsity IAHSAA Football Playoffs
      @ TBA
  • October 30, 2014
    • 12:00 am - FFA
      @ Louisville, KY
    • 12:00 pm - Vocal
      @ Cedar Rapids Prairie High School


Weather Notification Information

As our summer has faded to fall and our fall will soon fade to my least favorite season (winter) we need to be thinking of how we communicate our schedule changes to those we serve. Here is some information that … Continue reading

RTI… What’s that?

What is RTI?

Have you heard students talking about RTI? What in the world are they talking about? Well, wonder no more.

Vinton-Shellsburg Middle School began looking into the national initiative last year as … Continue reading

Karr Complex Renovation Video

Click on the title of the post to see the video. Do you support the project? Take our quick survey here. Donation Link: 

Karr Complex Renovation Project

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 11.05.16 AM

Have you heard much about the Karr Complex Renovation project?

- Replace the badly worn track. – Decrease the number of injuries due to a safer surface … Continue reading

Show your VS Spirit!

The Post Prom Committee is selling driveway logos. See details below. Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 6.50.34 AM


"The Mission of the Vinton-Shellsburg Community School District is to improve the quality of lives and assist individuals in becoming contributing members of society through the accumulation and application of knowledge."