1:1 Learning Environment

The Vinton-Shellsburg Community School District provides a 1:1 learning environment for students in grades 9-12. The laptop program began in the fall of 2013. Each student is provided with a MacBook computer that allows access to multiple online resources and applications. These opportunities engage students in 21st century learning. Look for current student projects posted on this web site.

What makes 1:1 learning successful at VSCSD? Infrastructure, Professional Development, Dedication. Infrastructure is key to a successful 1:1 learning environment. When students and staff face barriers using the internet, then the chance of full implementation is hindered. Therefore, time was spent looking for a reliable and dependable wireless network that provides access to students and staff daily.

Professional development is critical to providing teachers with the skills to teach with the resources currently available as well as those that will be available in the future. The Vinton-Shellsburg high school began the program with PD focused around technology pedagogy and tools. They participated in Apple Training in 2012 and have utilized their 2hr early outs to learn more about how technology can impact their classroom. Staff are encouraged to be risk-takers and further develop their style of teaching by attending and presenting at conferences/workshops. Staff have attended numerous conferences, taken technology integration classes and have studied the SAMR model together to improve their teaching and learning.

Dedication is seen through all stakeholders. The staff have spent numerous hours of their own personal time to educate themselves on how to fully utilize the laptop within their instruction. The students have embraced the responsibility of a laptop and value the learning provided them. Families and community members support the learning environment through time spent with students and staff learning how education is changing even in a rural community in Iowa.