Weather Notifications…. you can control what you get

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 8.29.40 AMAs our summer has faded to fall and our fall will soon fade to my least favorite season (winter) we need to be thinking of how we communicate our schedule changes to those we serve. Here is some information that you all can know and help spread the word about.

District Families/Students: If you haven’t already, please make sure your eRegistration/PowerSchool information is updated and correct.  When I send out the info I send it to all 3 (phone, email, text) so if you don’t want phone calls, let me (Kim Meyer) know and I can block calls (make sure to include your phone number). *Keep in mind that blocking calls means blocking ALL calls. Even ones about attendance and other notifications.

New families: ***IF you want text messages, you need to “subscribe” to the number on the district website. Click on the “School Messenger” button on the homepage (paragraph on the side to opt in for more info) and text “subscribe” to the number 68453.

FYI- For those community members that need/want to be apart of the School Messenger notifications. Even if you “subscribe” to the number on the district website you won’t get the messages from our school because the system doesn’t know which district/building you are apart of. You won’t be able to get the notifications unless you are in PowerSchool. So if you are a grandma, aunt, babysitter, volunteer, etc. you need to be added in as a contact on a child’s page before you’ll get pulled into School Messenger. As keepers of your own information, it is the parent/guardian’s job to go into eRegistration to update the information so all can get the information they need.

Fields that get pulled into School Messenger are:

Phone call: Contact 1 Cell, Contact 2 Cell, Guardian Phone

Email: Contact 1, Contact 2, Guardian email

Text Message: Contact 1 Cell, Contact 2 Cell, Guardian Cell

We encourage those that aren’t able to be in the PowerSchool system to sign up for local new stations alerts. or both help us communicate schedule changes as well.

Questions about this matter please contact Kim Meyer at 319-43604728 ext. 404 or Your building secretaries can help as well.