About Tilford Elementary School

Tilford Elementary school reflects a student population of approximately 550 unique preschool through fourth grade learners. We are confident that you will find Tilford to be a child and family centered school that has high expectations for student learning and achievement. We believe you will be pleased with the educational program and the supportive, caring atmosphere that Tilford has to offer.

Tilford Elementary places student learning and helping each child reach his or her full potential as our primary focus. Our school also offers additional support services in the areas of Title1, Special Education, and Extended Learning. With our strong emphasis on meeting the needs of all students through differentiated instruction and research-based practices, our students are able to continually make strong achievement gains.

We believe that through teaching, modeling, and practicing, Tilford Elementary students will show good character by demonstrating safe, caring, respectful, and responsible behaviors. We also believe that by acknowledging and recognizing students when they demonstrate those core values, we will promote continued positive behavior.

Effective communication between school and home is an important aspect of your child’s education. Feel free to stop by or call at any time throughout the school year with questions, concerns or suggestions. By communicating effectively, we will make this an exciting and rewarding school year for all!

There are lots of opportunities to get involved and to volunteer at Tilford Elementary. We encourage you speak with your child’s teacher or visit the PTO webpage for more information.