Shellsburg Preschool Learning Opportunity

Preschool students at Shellsburg have been involved in a state funded grant that has provided materials and instruction to teachers to help students with inquiry based study.
These studies are intended to strengthen student’s literacy skills as well as speaking and listening skills. Since these studies are driven by student interest, there is a high level of engagement with each project.
Currently their activities have been about Exercise and healthy living. To begin the study students are asked what they already know about the topic. Students are then involved in dramatic play, literacy activities and class and partner language experiences.

They have concluded their studies on trees and their next unit will be about buildings.

“One of the biggest benefits is that all of the academic skills that are embedded are covering all development stages and making an impact on the whole child,” said 4 year old Preschool teacher, Mrs. Helmrich.
Ms. Turnis, PK Special Education teacher said, “It is an opportunity for students to put all of their learning together.”

This week students were able to travel to the Vinton Skate Center to practice their exercise skills with different equipment.