High School Staff Directory

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Photo of Karen Ackman

Karen Ackman
Food Service Director – ext. 5848


Cyndi Alderson
Head Cook – ext. 5763

Photo of Kara Armell

Kara Armell
Special Ed. Associate – ext. 5756


Mary Ann Berry

Photo of Fritz Burow

Fritz Burow
Alt. HS Teacher- ext 5791


Photo of Annie Carlson

Ann Carlson
Language Arts – ext. 5750

Photo of Aric Chvala

Aric Chvala
Business Education – ext. 5712
Head Boys Track

Photo of Cynthia Chyma

Cynthia Chyma
Math – ext. 5713

Photo of Le Cox

Le Cox
Language Arts – ext. 5714
IHSSA ‘South East’ information

Photo of Deb Cummings

Deb Cummings
Activities/Guidance Office – ext. 5704

Photo of Ann Diedrichsen

Ann Diedrichsen
Art – ext. 5715
Classroom website


Photo of Brandon Farmer

Brandon Farmer – ext. 5636
Director of Technology

Photo of Louise Flemming

Louise Fleming
HS Instructional Coach- ext. 5729

Photo of Marlene Fritz

Marlene Fritz

Special Ed. Associate – ext. 5734

Photo of Kathy Fulton

Kathy Fulton
Cook – ext. 5763

Photo of Marsha Furlong

Marsha Furlong
Computer Programming and Engineering – ext. 5718

Photo of Scott Garwood

Scott Garwood
Industrial Technology – ext. 5719

Photo of Allison Gates

Allison Gates
Instructional Coach/Media Specialist – ext. 5728

Photo of Kris Hallberg

Kris Hallberg
Nurse/Health Careers – ext. 5721

Photo of Sandy Hamilton

Sandy Hamilton
Academic Advisor – ext. 5708

Photo of Laura Hammersley

Laura Hammersley
Special Education/Learning Center – ext. 5727

Photo of Tammie Hansen

Tammie Hansen
Study Hall Monitor – ext. 5710


Photo of Megan Hesson

Megan Hesson
Mathematics – ext. 5735

Photo of Tony Islas

 Tony Islas
Assistant Principal – ext. 5705

Photo of Jill Jackson

Jill Jackson
Special Education/Learning Center – Ext. 5723

Photo of Jennifer Janssen

Jennifer Janssen
Special Ed. Associate – ext. 5754

Photo of Joe Johnson

 Joe Johnson
Physical Education – ext. 5724
Head Boys Basketball

Photo of Heather Kalous

Heather Kalous
Physical Education – ext. 5726
Head Girls Track

Photo of Matt Kingsbury

Matt Kingsbury
Principal – ext. 5703
Mr. Kingsbury’s Blog

Photo of Michele Lash

Michele Lash
Spanish – ext. 5730

Photo of Mike Long

Mike Long
Custodian- ext. 5760

Photo of Tyler Lorenzen

Tyler Lorenzen
Science – ext. 5731
Class website

Photo of Patricia Lough

Patricia Lough
Special Education/Life Skills- ext. 5711

Photo of Jeff Mangold

Jeff Mangold
ELP – ext. 5743
Head Cross Country Coach
ELP Classroom website

Photo of Michala Martin

Michala Martin
HS Choir ext. 5733
Classroom website


Photo of Shelly Mesch

Shelly Mesch
Special Education- ext. 5748


Photo of Jim Mochal

Jim Mochal
Student Success Center – ext. 5746


Andrew Noe
Custodian – ext. 5762

Photo of Lisa O'Brien

Lisa O’Brien
Mathematics – ext. 5737

Photo of Brent Patterson

Brent Patterson
Science – ext. 5738

Photo of Mia Phelps

Mia Phelps
Special Ed. Associate – ext. 5757

Photo of Rachelle Rammelsberg

Rachelle Rammelsberg
Special Ed. Associate – ext. 5758

Photo of Barb Salger

Barb Salger
Principal’s Office – ext. 5702

Photo of Deb Schirm

Deb Schirm
Principal’s Office – ext. 5700

Photo of Brian Sheston

Brian Sheston
Social Studies – ext. 5716
Head Wrestling Coach

Photo of Kelly Steffen

Kelly Steffen
Social Studies – ext. 5740

Photo of Lisa Streif

Lisa Streif
Special Education/BD – ext. 5734

Photo of Jim Struve

Jim Struve
Activities Director – ext. 5706

Photo of Scott Tandy

Scott Tandy
Guidance Counselor – ext. 5707

Photo of Angelina Ungs

Angie Ungs
Spanish – ext. 5720

Photo of Eric Upmeyer

Eric Upmeyer
Language Arts – ext. 5744


Photo of Nick Waymire

 Nick Waymire
HS Band – ext. 5747
Classroom website

Photo of Carrie Weber

Carrie Weber
Science – ext. 5739

Photo of Jim Womochil

Jim Womochil
Social Studies – ext. 5749
Head Football Coach

Photo of Aaron Zuspann

Aaron Zuspann
Special Education/Learning Center – ext. 5751
Head Girls Basketball
Class Website