Middle School Staff Directory

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Photo of Karen Ackman

Karen Ackman-ext 5848
Food Service Director


Megan Albertsen
Physical Education  – ext 5616

Photo of Chad Anderson

Chad Anderson
Industrial Technology 6-7-8 – ext. 5623

Photo of Jodi Biershenk

Jodi Bierschenk
Instrumental Music – ext. 5608
Classroom Website

Photo of Lori Bierschenk

Lori Bierschenk
Media Center Associate – ext. 5640

Photo of Michelle Bookmeier

Michelle Bookmeier
Special Education Resource – ext. 5610

Photo of Whitney Bowen

Whitney Bowen
Special Education Resource & Instructional Coach – ext. 5605

Photo of Sarah Bumann

 Sarah Bumann
Math 8 – ext. 5620

Photo of Cathy Cantrell

Cathy Cantrell
Special Education Associate – ext. 5637

Photo of Lisa Clark

Lisa Clark
Food Service – ext 5638

Photo of Amy Condry

Amy Condry
Associate- ext. 5650

Photo of Nancy Donahue

Nancy Donahue
Special Education Resource 7 – ext. 5625

Photo of Brandon Farmer

Brandon Farmer
Director of Technology- ext. 5636

Photo of Gordy Floyd

Gordy Floyd
Custodian- ext. 5639

Photo of Alexa Francois

 Alexa Francois
Special Ed BD – ext 5613

Photo of Lindsay Gallo

Lindsay Gallo
Science 8 – ext. 5609

Photo of Allison Gates

Allison Gates
Instructional Coach/Teacher-Librarian – ext. 5619

Photo of Jason Gleiter

Jason Gleiter
8th Grade Language Arts- ext. 5612

Photo of Molly Glynn

Molly Glynn

Photo of Shelly Gray

Shelly Gray
Secretary – ext. 5600

 Melissa Green
Paraeducator – ext 5646

Photo of Rich Haisman

Rich Haisman
Math 7/Money Matters Exploratory 7  – ext. 5614

Photo of Kris Hallberg

 Kris Hallberg
District Nurse – ext. 5635

Photo of Glen Hanson

Glen Hanson
Social Studies 6 – ext. 5615

Photo of Brenda Harting

Brenda Harting
Reading Support – ext 5617

Photo of Erin Heims

Erin Heims
Guidance Counselor, Careers Exploratory 8 – ext. 5606
Guidance Website


Deb Hickey
Special Ed Associate- ext 5641

Photo of Vicky Hill

Vicky Hill
Gym Associate- ext. 5642

Photo of Kris Howes-Vonstein

Kris Howes-Vonstein
Science 7 – ext. 5618
Classroom Webpage 

Photo of Melody Iverson

Melody Iverson
Communication Coach

Photo of Dee Jeray

Dee Jeray

Photo of Susan Kakac

Susan Kakac
Paraeducator – ext. 5643

Photo of Rose Kern

Rose Kern
Connection Center – ext. 5634

Photo of Becky Kuper

Becky Kuper– ext 5607
6th Grade language Arts
Classroom Website


Tom Langton
Custodian- ext. 5651

Photo of Louise Lazenby

Louise Lazenby
Food Service – ext. 5644

Photo of Julie Long

Julie Long
Paraeducator  – ext. 5645

Photo of Jeff Mangold

Jeff Mangold
E L P – ext. 5630
Classroom Website

Photo of Lois Martin

Lois Martin
Vocal Music  – ext. 5622
Classroom Website

Photo of Kim Meyers

Kim Meyer
Director of Teaching and Learning- ext. 5604


Photo of Shelly Petersen

Shelly Petersen
Principal – ext. 5603

Photo of Chad Pettyjohn

Chad Pettyjohn
Math 6 – ext. 5624

Photo of Kari Russler

Kari Russler
Art – ext. 5627

Photo of Elizabeth Schminke

Elizabeth Schminke
Special Education Resource 8 – ext. 5626
Class Webpage

Photo of Emily Sexton

Emily Sexton


Photo of Jill Struve

Jill Struve
Social Studies 7 – ext. 5629

Photo of Alex Vasquez

Alexander Vasquez       
Social Studies 8 – ext. 5631

Photo of Logan Walston

Logan Walston
Science 6 – ext. 5611
Class Website 

Photo of Theresa Werner

Theresa Werner
Life Skills – ext. 5633

Photo of Becky Williams

Becky Williams
Food Service – ext. 5649

Photo of Kelly Williams

Kelly Williams
Lunch Clerk