Amy Van Wechel

Class of 2000

Current Address: Vinton, Iowa

What is your current job title? Or, what are you currently working on? Contract Manager, Collins Aerospace. I negotiate contracts for the United States Air Force KC-135 Airplane

Share a special memory of your time at Vinton-Shellsburg? I have so many wonderful memories. All of the friendships I made is at the top of my list.

Describe how your time at Vinton-Shellsburg has impacted your career/life in a positive way. The small school/small town atmosphere made me feel very connected and supported. It is why my husband and I returned to Vinton to raise our family. Now, I love parenting alongside of the friends I went to school with … we rely on each other and share a special connection.

What advice would you give students who are interested in going into a field similar? Don’t be afraid to evolve your dreams as time passes, continue to learn and grow, and stay true to yourself. Also, rely on your community!! Need a job reference? Call an old teacher! Need someone to review a college entrance paper? I can give you a long list of people that would help. Need to discuss plans over coffee? Call me!

Submitted: June 3, 2021