VINTON-SHELLSBURG HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS are encouraged to volunteer their time and talents throughout our community and receive recognition for their efforts upon graduation.

Students may earn a Black and Gold Cord to be worn on their gown at graduation, which indicates significant hours of community volunteer service during their enrollment at Vinton- Shellsburg High School. From the time they enter high school until they graduate, students provide 100 hours of service to earn a cord.  Students are encouraged to average about 25 hours of service per year.  Opportunities will be posted in the announcements and on this page.  Accrued hours are documented, tracked and tabulated. 

*students must have prior approval from Mr. Kingsbury or Mr. Islas before performing Black & Gold hours.  If the volunteer work that you want to do is not listed on the High School Black & Gold hours link, you must get prior approval.  Please email to check if the opportunity qualifies before assuming it does.  If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Volunteerism may be defined as contributing one’s time or talents for charitable, educational, social, political, or other worthwhile purposes, usually in one’s community, freely and without regard for compensation. Americans have shaped their nation by their voluntary efforts: providing services, organizing political action, caring for the poor, reaching out to the disadvantaged, providing education, ensuring equality and civil rights for all citizens, and working for change.

  • Documentation will include Completed Form 1 and if the volunteer is performing recurring work Form 1 will be accompanied by Form 2. Hours must be signed and documented by a supervisor or they will not be accepted
  • Parents should NOT sign documentation unless previously arranged


  • Any service performed in the V-S Community School District as listed in the opportunities sheet
  • Church events:  volunteer work for Mission Service trips, assisting with Vacation Bible School, and providing child care for evening religious ed classes.
  • Volunteer work done during scouting
  • Volunteer work done for 4-H or other non-school club
  • Special events on school premises sponsored by local charities or businesses (examples: blood drives, KIWANIS, Lion Club, Hospice, etc.) with previous approval.
  • Staff supervised voluntary tutoring of other students for which credit is not earned or any other staff supervised voluntary service performed as a member of school. WHEN SUCH SERVICE IS ARRANGED BETWEEN THE SUPERVISOR AND APPROVED WITH WRITTEN AGREEMENT.
  • Sunday morning activities performed during church services (singing in the choir, acolyting, ushering, greeting, Sunday School, nursery)
  • Court-ordered community service hours
  • Practicum/internships
  • Job Shadows
  • Any work done for credit at school
  • Work done during schools hours unless previously approved
  • Any work done for school activities in which the student may earn a letter, ribbon, medal, certificate, or any other award for a class, activity, club or team. 
  • No unsupervised hours.  No undocumented work.
  • Work for relatives (examples: raking leaves for grandparents, babysitting for sister, etc.)
  • Work done for individuals such as neighbors (raking leaves, etc) unless done through an established community group
  • Any work done for pay. (Detasseling to raise funds for organization.)
  • Work done as a part extra or co-curricular activity that benefits that group or program. (Field prep, prom or post-prom decorating)
  • Sheets turned in MUST list exact clock times of service (example – 3:30-5:30 p.m.).  NO ESTIMATED, UNDOCUMENTED “BUNDLES” OF HOURS WILL BE ACCEPTED.  Form 1 should be filled out for each volunteer opportunity followed with Form 2 ONLY if it is reoccurring work done for the same sponsors.

1 year =  Start:  First day after school is released. End:  The last day of school the following year. 

All record sheets must be turned in for current school year to receive credit.  No previous year forms will be accepted.

Eligibility for hours is the final responsibility of the teacher sponsor, volunteer work sponsor and student.


Volunteers are needed to help younger students at the Youth Garden in Vinton plant and take care of vegetables.  The normal hours are 3:30 on Mondays during the school year and 2:30 on Mondays in the summer.  There may be other hours added.  The volunteers are notified by email each week.  Please contact Eileen Loan by message through Vinton Youth Garden Facebook to sign up to help.

The Benton County Cattlemen are looking for volunteers to work at the beef booth during the Benton County Fair.  The fair runs July 12th thru July 16th.  The booth is open at 7 am and closes at 9 pm.  Volunteers are needed for anytime!!  Please contact Laurie Wauters at to sign up to help.  This will qualify for Black & Gold hours or 1:1 laptops.

Volunteers are needed to help move furniture for approximately 1 hour each Wednesday @ 3:30 pm. This is an ongoing need and will count towards Black & Gold Hours or can be used for 1:1 laptops. Please leave a message with your contact information at Echo Ministries (319) 472-2002 if interested in helping.

Volunteers are needed to help with childcare for MOPS at Blessed Hope Church (behind Theisen’s) Wednesday from 5:30pm – 7 pm. Please contact Becky Lutgen at or (319) 361-7044 if you are available to help.

Volunteers are needed to help with concessions and cleaning at the Palace Theatre throughout the year. If interested, please text Marcy Horst at (319) 721-1838. She will put you on the sub/special showing list and you be texted when opportunities arise.

Some of the projects volunteers may help with:

  • Record in digital format a BCHS volunteer doing a tour of the Vinton Railroad Depot Museum and making it a DVD.
  • Assist BCHS volunteers to inventory items at the Horridge House. The process consists of physically looking at an item to find it’s inventory number, creating a computer entry and uploading a digital photo.
  • Spring clean-up: Assist BCHS volunteers with clearing, weeding and planting several flower beds at the Horridge House.

Please contact Sharon Happel by email at or (319) 533-4524 to volunteer or ask questions.

The Shellsburg Parks & Rec is looking for black and gold hour helpers for their concession stand this summer!

If you are interested, sign up using this link:!/showSignUp/60B0C4EACAD2DA7FF2-concession


Due to the weather, Vinton-Shellsburg Community School District will have a two-hour late start today (Monday, March 7).

Please Note: Breakfast is not available on late start days.

(And a reminder of a previous schedule change — We will have an Early Out and PARENT-TEACHER CONFERENCES  TOMORROW, MARCH 8.)