Nick Gardner

Class of 2013

Current Address: Ames, Iowa

What is your current job title? Or, what are you currently working on? Band Director at Ames High School

Share a special memory of your time at Vinton-Shellsburg? The 3 out of my 4 years at VHS the Jazz Band made the Iowa Jazz Championships was amazing. Traveling with all my friends and being able to spend our time together playing was a great feeling.

Describe how your time at Vinton-Shellsburg has impacted your career/life in a positive way. All of the things I learned from both band and choir really helped shaped me with how I teach my own students today. I had great mentors throughout middle/high school that helped guide me in the right direction in terms of what I wanted to be. They showed me how I could get there, the challenges I would face as a future educator, and how I could overcome those obstacles.

What advice would you give students who are interested in going into a field similar? For anyone wanting to go into general education, whether it be music or teaching the 3rd grade- things will happen that you aren’t prepared for. Always keep an open mind and be ready for anything. Try to stay calm so that you can think through situations, but always be there for your students!

Submitted: May 19, 2021