Vinton-Shellsburg Community School District Conducts Comprehensive Survey to Shape Future Facilities Investments

With a commitment to continuous improvement and ensuring the success of all students and staff, the Vinton-Shellsburg Community School District is excited to announce the launch of a comprehensive district-wide community survey aimed at gathering crucial feedback from residents to inform future facilities investment plans.

Following the completion of the Tiny Vikes Early Learning Center and ongoing building system updates at the Middle School, the district is turning its attention to the next phase of the long-range facilities plan. The district is exploring future investments because they are paying off the high school debt, creating an opportunity to invest in the school facilities with no impact on the property tax levy rate.

Recognizing the importance of community input, every household in the Vinton-Shellsburg Community School District will receive a survey in early May, detailing existing facility needs, proposed solutions, and potential funding scenarios.

The proposed survey solutions were driven by feedback from staff listening sessions, community input sessions, and the School Improvement Advisory Committee (made up of students, parents, staff, and community members). Based on the feedback, outdated classrooms and support areas, aging building systems, and inadequate activity spaces have been identified as areas of improvement. To learn more about the planning process that led to the proposed survey solutions, visit the district website.

“Our goal is to create facilities that support the success of every member of our school community,” said Kyle Koeppen, Superintendent of Vinton-Shellsburg Community School District. “This survey is a vital step in understanding the priorities of our taxpayers and ensuring that our future investments align with the needs of our students, staff, and residents.”

Results from the survey will play a crucial role in shaping the district’s facilities improvement plan. “We know our facilities plan must reflect the priorities of our taxpayers. This survey allows us to cast a wide net to capture feedback. We encourage all community members to participate in the survey,” added Koeppen. “The results of the survey will help us understand what the community wants us to do next.”

There are two ways to complete the survey. The first is filling out the paper copy received in your mailbox. The second is to visit the website and enter the unique access code, both provided on the front of your survey. Information is received by School Perceptions, an independent education research firm to assure all responses are kept confidential.

The survey will remain open until May 20, providing more than two weeks for residents to share their perspectives. Residents who did not receive a survey or need an additional copy should contact the District Office at 319.436.4728.