Tilford Elementary Principal Kyle Reeve has submitted his resignation to address personal health matters. Mr. Reeve’s resignation is effective immediately. The Vinton-Shellsburg Community School District, along with Mr. Reeve and the Reeve family, appreciate your understanding and respect for their privacy.

Mr. Reeve took over the principalship at Tilford Elementary school during the pandemic of 2020. He has served the Vinton-Shellsburg Community School District for the last two and a half years. Mr. Reeve stated, “I have truly enjoyed working with the students and staff at Tilford Elementary School and within the Vinton-Shellsburg Community School District, and I want to thank everyone for the opportunity and wish VS nothing but the best moving forward.”

Superintendent Kyle Koeppen and Assistant Principal Tony Islas will act as Tilford Elementary principals until further notice. An interim principal will be sought to finish the school year.

VSCSD will be posting for a new Tilford Elementary principal later this winter.