Tyler Johnson

Class of 2013

Current Address: Redmond, Washington

What is your current job title? Or, what are you currently working on? Tax Accountant at a local firm working with mostly small businesses.

Share a special memory of your time at Vinton-Shellsburg? Getting to jazz champs 2 years in a row during my freshman and sophomore years. I didn’t appreciate it enough at the time, but it was a really enjoyable experience.

Describe how your time at Vinton-Shellsburg has impacted your career/life in a positive way. I think the friendships I made during school were truly timeless. The older I get the more I appreciate just how kind and thoughtful the students and staff were.

What advice would you give students who are interested in going into a field similar? The best experience, bar none, is firsthand experience. United Way offers amazing experience working through the VITA (volunteer income tax assistance) program and I’m pretty sure there’s locations all around the US to let volunteers help out. Tax prep is all about making connections with and helping people make more sound financial decisions as it relates to their tax outcomes, so a strong desire to help and inform your community doesn’t hurt. I can honestly say I never imagined myself being an accountant, let alone working on taxes, but it’s honestly an amazing job with great flexibility and is incredibly satisfying to be a trusted expert in the field.

Submitted: May 15, 2022