(VINTON-SHELLSBURG, IA) With the 2021-2022 school year just about a month away, VSCSD has a couple of exciting announcements. The district is thrilled to announce the launch of a new website. The best part is, the web address is the same, and students and parents can still visit vscsd.org for everything they need. VSCSD wanted to redesign the site to make navigation easier and to improve accessibility for users.

The site features new videos highlighting all schools in the district. Parents, students, and those new to the community will appreciate new Find a Teacher and Find a School tools. The site is full of valuable links with easy-to-use navigation great for what you need and exploring things you may not have found before, such as alumni stories and additional district information.

Each school in the district now has a site within the site with dedicated pages and menus to feature grade-level specific resources. Families will want to use site resources to stay connected to school events throughout the year and access areas they already depend on, like lunch menus, district news, and a new calendar page, all easy to find. Visitors should also take in the exciting “Difference Makers” video the district announced earlier this month. Vinton-Shellsburg Community School District hopes that the newly designed website will be a helpful tool for students, parents, and the community during the 2021-2022 school year and beyond.

The updated site comes at just the right time with enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year. Parents will test the new website as they register their students for classes set on August 23 for grades 1-12, August 24 for Kindergarten, and August 25 for Tiny Vikes pre-school. Start the registration process and find all the details you need on the Back To School page.  

VSCSD is also pleased to announce the expansion of the 1:1 computer initiative to middle school. This means the district offers 24/7 computer access for each student in grades 6-12.  Whether students in these grades take a computer home or it stays at school is the family’s decision. If a student wants to be assigned a specific computer, they may choose to either join a Computer Co-Op ($25 for the year), an insurance option ($79 for the year), OR fulfill 10 hours of community service. 

The district anticipates students will have the same computer each year although the machines will be checked back in at the end of the school year for summer cleaning and refreshing.  Students who do not participate in the Co-Op, Insurance or community service hours options will not be allowed to take a computer home. Those students opting out will be responsible for backing up own data in the cloud or on a flash drive. Additional details about community service can be found on the new website.

Computer roll-out events are scheduled for August 10th at 1pm and 6pm at the High School Auditorium for 6th-9th grade students along with students new to the district and August 11th from 12pm to 6pm for 10th-12th grade students. The Middle School and Freshmen student roll-out events will include a short presentation with paperwork to be completed before students take their laptops home. Both a parent/guardian and the student must attend a session though they may choose different sessions (for example, a student may attend an afternoon session while the parent attends in the evening). 

Questions regarding the 1:1 expansion or the updated site, may be directed to Superintendent Kyle Koeppen by phone at 319-436-4728, ext. 5685 or by email at kyle.koeppen@vscsd.org. To visit and explore the new district website, visit www.vscsd.org.